Carter trolley,
drill for umbrella pole,
auger for tube,
stainless steel handle,
rake without net,
rake with net,

It can be used as a bin or flower box.

H 37cm, L 100cm, D 53cm H 80cm, Ø 51cm

Each platform is equipped with special hooks that allow it to be joined both on the long side and on the short side. It is therefore possible to obtain flooring of any size or walkways 50-70-100 cm wide and with any length.

Sizes: 50×70 cm or 50×100 cm

Material: anti-slip and UV-stabilized

Modular wooden platform mounted on 3 aluminum rails fixed with appropriate rivets. Nylon joints included. Modules of different sizes upon request. They can be used for normal walkways and as paving for gazebos, play area, paving for swimming pools and fitness centers.

Size: 92.5×100 cm