About us

In 1949 in a small italian shop borned the first “beach-sunbed”...

Since then the Migani Industrie Srl has become great by holding tenaciously to that spirit of craftsmanship which marked its beginnings which is the outward sign of a love for weel-made products.

Specializations in the sector, technical experience and attention to design have made it possible. To create collections of elegant comfortable outdoor furniture made to last.

Every creation of Migani Industrie is:

  • a promise of comfort, quality and robustness;
  • fruit of the passion of a trade, of artisan expression, of love for a job well done and attention to detail;
  • a set of the best raw materials, designed and worked to perfection.

Migani products are fully born of this harmony, as a maximum expression of technology, quality and high design.