Our products are made exclusively from top-quality aluminium tubing from the foremost extruders in the world.

Section cutting is guaranteed to make our products highly resistant.

Welding is carried out by means of innovative automated equipment, and is then checked and double-checked to ensure and guarantee the overall quality of the finished product.


Our products are made exclusively of top-quality ash-wood from the foremost sawmills in europe, carefully selected and processed in thicknesses designed to ensure maximum strength.

Careful assembly of the materials, using special glue and stainless steel fittings, ensure that our products can be used both indoors and out.

In 1949 in a small italian shop borned the first beach sunbed...

Since then the MIGANI INDUSTRIE has become great by holding tenaciously to that spirit of craftsmanship which marked its beginnings and which is the outwards sign of a love for weel-made products.